Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay for Midwifery Care?

If you have a BC Care Card you are covered by MSP and all services by the Creston Valley Midwives will be paid for. If you are not covered by MSP we can bill you privately.

Where will my appointments take place?

Prenatal appointments generally take place in the Creston Valley Midwives' clinic. Initial postpartum visits take place at your home, then later ones will be at the clinic.

Can I have a midwife and still give birth in a hospital?

Under the care of a midwife it is the woman's right to choose the place of birth. 

Creston Valley Midwives have privileges at the Creston, Cranbrook and Nelson hospitals

What pain relief can a midwife offer?

We are trained in various forms of pain relief such as acupuncture, homoeopathy and herbology. 

In a hospital we can order epidurals and narcotics.

What if complications arise during my pregnancy or labour?

Should the need arise, we will consult with, or refer you to a specialist.

We are trained to recognize the proper time to consult with our colleagues and when to transfer care.

What is the working relationship between midwife and physician?

Over the years we have established effective working relationships with local physicians, obstetricians, pediatricians, anaesthetists,  and public health nurses. A mutual respect has grown out of these relationships.

What if I disagree with your advice?

Under the care of a midwife, the client is always the final decision maker. However, if we believe your decision might be harmful to you or the baby, further discussion will take place.