The Midwives

Leah (250 402-3662)


I honestly enjoy my work and I feel honoured to participate in women's childbearing experience. I value the connections I have with the women I serve, and look forward to meeting more women and participating in more births.
I am a registered midwife and a registered nurse. I completed my nursing training in Utah in 1993. I completed my midwifery certification through Seattle Midwifery School and became registered with the College of Midwives of BC in 2004. I trained with midwives in various settings including home and hospital births and an overseas rotation during my midwifery education experience. I also worked with midwives during my early years of nursing.

Sylke (250 227-6846)


Childbirth is a natural process. My role as a midwife is twofold: to empower women to access their inherent ability to give birth, and to ensure the safety of the mother and baby in the process.
    In a career spanning twenty years, I have been the midwife to over a thousand women and their babies.
    I completed my midwifery training in 1991 in Berlin, where I practised until I moved to Canada in 2001. I became a registered midwife in BC in 2007. I have attended births in many settings: hospitals, private homes and birth centres.
    Three years of studying Chinese Medicine has also greatly influenced my own life and work