Client Testimonials

Ellie Reynolds, Gray Creek


Having gone through my first pregnancy and birth with a midwife  I'd never do it any other way. My prenatal visits were informal and fun, and Sylke became a friend as well as a midwife. She was able to answer all our questions and offered advice from a practical, experienced and holistic perspective and we grew to deeply trust her. This trust was invaluable during the home birth, as it allowed me to relax and focus on letting nature take its course whilst knowing there was someone there who was highly experienced in letting birth happen naturally, assisting where needed. I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to give birth at home; bringing my baby into the world in my own space, in an atmosphere of love and calm. My husband and I felt all our decisions were respected and our family got the very best possible start.


Palma Wedman, Riondel


Right from the beginning of our birthing relationship with Sylke we felt comfortable to ask questions, take the time to express our fears and hopes. In particular, my husband was made to feel an important part of the pregnancy. We both mattered and it was both of us that were being cared for.
      During the labour, Sylke's steady and reassuring presence allowed me to turn all my energy inwards for that most awesome experience so that I could birth in the way that I really wanted to – with uninhibited determination and presence of mind, body and spirit.
      Feeling such support before and during the birth was wonderful but honestly it was the aftercare that we received that meant so much to me. It made me feel so deeply cared for and that I could indeed be a good parent. We feel so lucky and grateful to have had Sylke as our midwife.


Amanda Hulland, Crawford Bay

My home birth experience with midwife, Sylke Plauman, was warm and caring for both my husband and I. Her professional expertise, constant availability and patience allowed my to feel supported throughout my pregnancy and labour.